donde eres?

Arrived at the conclusion this past week... and after my experiences (& success) last year, that writing might not be it for me. At all. I'm still exploring if it's the scribbling that drives me up the wall, or the type of work I study: journalism.

For me, writing is all I know. And it doesn't help when you feel like you can't do anything else. I want the adage 'love what you do & never work a day in your life' to apply to me. The journey isn't supposed to be easy. But I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to abhor it either.

So, what to do?

I created my vision board in the space of 3 (okay maybe 5) hours on January 2nd. It has everything I want for my life at this point on it: health, financial freedom & my goals. When I was done snatching pictures, feel-good phrases & poignant words, I realized none of it had to do with my current career path.

Not one picture of myself in the field, or any mentions of career goals. Realizing that scared me so much. I was the little girl who had her life planned out: school for x years, travel for x years, career/success by x age & producing a healthy set of twins by x time.

Life happened.

Now I'm the young woman who's forced herself onto a path that I'm unsure about. Ironically, its the most sure I've been about anything thus far. After thinking about it....

There's no doubt that I have a talent. But I have many. And it doesn't mean this is it for me. There's more out there. I just to find, own & embrace it.

So I guess, that's what this year will be all about. I'll finish my program & look into how I can use what I have to embark on discovering & defining my dreams.

Mid-20s crisis much??!

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