I came across this image on tumblr & fell in love. Everything about this woman is gorgeous. & I'm in love with the black lipstick & the make-up (African design? I shall find out). I'm now on the hunt for a black lipstick (ooo. Or a deep plum purple). I have to try out the make-up for Carnival too. Its simple but beautiful.

& Look at her skin!!! So beautiful.

Moving on.....

I've moved this blog over to wordpress =) so go 'head & check me out here.



Good morning!
Today I do my vision board & hope my interviewees contact me *crosses fingers*. This blog will be about nada in particular, so that's your clue if you're looking for continuity/clarity/a theme.

I'm trying out this wordpress for bb app, & I kinda like it (yes, I'm late). So I blog anywhere now! Fewer excuses for me.

This week is going to be so hectic: between bootcamp, work, interviews, research & writing. At some point I should insert sweat-free fun, no?

Socacize is fun, but, maybe a night out or something. We'll see.

Yesterday was all about cleaning/organizing & limin with L. We actually talked about more than the norm & didnt fight. At all. I'm impressed.

Because I fell asleep in the middle of cleaning it continues today.... As soon as I'm done stretching.

Clean/Scrub, organize drawers, interviews, cook, write, exercise, read a chapter of 'Digging Deeper'. Oh. & wash my hair (-_-). *

I'm actually starting to think that washing weekly is a bit much for my hair.... A lie. My hair is thick & im feelin lazy. I always "feel lazy" when it comes to the wash. And then once I get into it I'm so happy doing it, tired arms and all....

What I do need to remember is to visit Fabricland this week to look at material costs. I want to make satin pillow cases & a lot of scarves/wraps for the upcoming winter season (winter=dry locs=crunchy hair=no bueno). note to self remember: ^all that ^.

Alright, time to read. I could go on forever about anything. Better I blog than chat/tweet someone's ear off.

*a facial would be nice. I'll do that on my 1hr break

** Need to revise my french so I'll be ready in January! «« Added to checklist

*** I must remember to include photos with each blog post

**** I did say I needed some spice in my life, right? Its in the universe, let's see what happens this week.

So much to do, so little time!



website coming for 2012 !

Website work is underway thanks to a great friend and an overwhelming feeling that my domain name would be bought out (by all other people with my name. Paranoid much?)

I need to look into a site building class because online tutorials arent enough for me when it comes to computers/graphics. It'll also give me time to figure out how I want the page to look: colour scheme, images, portfolio work, features...





change to come?


[caption id="attachment_88" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="all black everything"][/caption]

Soooo. I've been toying with the idea of colouring my hair for a while now. A few really purple locs would be really pretty. Just like Me-Anie's  BUT I a) refuse to bleach my hair (I'm terrified they'll die) & b) I'm terrified they'll die. Point blank period.

Yes, I'm a dye-virgin.

But my hair needs change. Between my semi-freeforming and tentative experimentation with various styles I need to add a little spice to my life. I thought that might be a new piercing. It usually is. But my nose is the only thing I really want done and I'm still 50/50 on that one (it'd be a hoop, never a stud).

If I do colour my hair (not all of it, just some), red is not an option simply because of how much it bleeds = more maintenance, retouching & etc. I'm into low maintenance: weekly washes, deep conditioning, get-up-and-go are all right up my alley.

I like the idea of natural highlights, but I've never been a fan of browns on me. And that's so ordinary. ugh.

I'm really leaning towards a few randomly selected purple locs. Or lightening my whole head naturally (honey, cinnamon...). It's basically winter here (I'm exaggerating, but its October in Toronto --my hair is going into hiberation soon). So lemon wouldn't work for me.

I'm actually going through a few YT videos looking for ideas & recommended dyes. Last year this time, I was looking into henna treatments. I chickened out last minute because I was too afraid of the possibility of my leaving with a new hair colour (even though it takes multiple sessions for jet black hair to be tinted). I know. Lame.

Maybe I'll just hit up Kensington tomorrow & pick up some loc jewelry. Hmmm.

'11 to date..

Although this has been the worst year of my life - between work, school, money, personal, everything - today I realized that I shouldn't completely write-off 2011 (as much as I would love to). Yes, everything happens for a reason. And maybe some of those things I will never understand. But, there has been some good, namely second chances & growth.

Who knew that I'd gain a closer bond with a sibling, or be writing for SwayMag, or find the courage to quit my horrible job?? 2011 has been a year of the unexpected. I failed, fell. Allowed foolishness, physical hardship & emotional distress/depression to take over my life. There were too many days where I didn't want to see the sun, breathe fresh air or even breathe at all.

But I'm still here.

Maybe I have a purpose. Others seem to think so. Many have so much faith in me. Its really overwhelming. I try to remember my family and ancestors in everything I try to accomplish. The opportunity I have. The second chances I've received.... Its amazing. I'm blessed.

And my being able to see the positive in my life at this point is proof of how much I've changed in the last year. I've become a better person. A more mature woman. Or rather, I've made that transition from "girl" to "woman". Now if only my wardrobe could catch up! lol

eye on the prize

I've been writing. And although the processs was zero fun for me, I like the end result (being published). Soooo. My goal for this month is to look into what else I can do aside from Journalism. I do love editing and languages. Maybe I can work that in there too. But for now, addressing other avenues for my future career is the plan.

Decided to go back to school.  I need to finish what I started, whether I like it or not. And I also realized, there is so much more for me to learn & improve on. My excuse to not return was the opportunity to make more $$$ & to pay off debt. Yeah. I'm definitely working, but its not enough. So back in the trenches I go. Part time this year, full time next year, free the year after.

Career To Do list:

- Head shots (May 2012)
- Business Cards (November)
- Camera (January 2012)