locversary!! ♥

Day 0||2009
Its been one year & my locs filled out nicely!! I'm so happy that I've kept my second set & although they aren't "perfect", I've grown to love each and every one of them just the way they are: bumpy, lumpy, kinda thick, short, long, in between & blackBLACKblack.

** i love them **

There's nothing I would change about my journey to date-- I've learned soo much. What my hair likes, dislikes & abhors. Learning how  & when to retwist my roots, being introduced into the wonderful loc community on YouTube & Facebook has been an incredible experiences. Blogs, vlogs & more blogs gave me insight into various products.

My favourite site for support, especially when I was feeling weak was & is On the Road to Queendom with Writing Addict aka Toshia Shaw.  The blog is a site of strength for sistas growing locs, learning about locs& a great forum for sharing stories & info about locs. Very inspirational, realistic & comforting.

Day 365||2010
My YouTube channel addictions include BronzeGoddess01 & Chescalocs --- they're unlimited creativity usually runs into two or three different styles per video. All salon-free!

The greatest lessons to date I've learned over the past 365 days are: patience & confidence. Being natural few years prior to starting my locs, I was no longer self-conscious about how others would & do perceive my hair. Its so ridiculous to worry about what others think -- as long as you are confident  & comfortable in who you are, what you are doing & how you look, why bother with anyone else?? I've gone through the so-called "ugly-phase" (let's call it the learning curve) where some of the locs start to fill out, but other arent, while some resemble mini anacondas after a large meal...I've learned to deal with all of that. I've learned that my hair wont look exactly like i.e. Fay-Ann Lyons' or Goapele's. They will look like my own. And I can embrace this now. With lots of TLC they will grow healthy & strong -- what more could I want??

Patience. There were days when I felt like yanking each loc in the hopes of speeding up the growth process. Other days i just wanted to hide my head---nothing I seemed to do would work. But I got through it & I will get through it again. The waiting game is a little easier now with some length, strength  & flexibility... And now I'm styling too =)! Very exciting.

I'm definitely looking forward to what the next 365 days have in store for me & my locs.

PS: Yes, it is "just hair", but in its natural state it is an extension of the expression of myself & therefore deserves to be celebrated as an evolving part of my being ♥.

Agua, L'eau, WATA!

If I manage to tackle even one of my personal mountains of fear in 2010 I'll be elated. Water.  Dreaded enemy, yet great for my skin, hair & insides. 0 calories, no sugar (that's a con) & its refreshing *side eye*.. And yet. Its gross. Its unappealing. Add a little lime & I could drink it by the gallon (its also a great cleanse, but the acidity is bad for tooth enamel).

Mind over matter.

In June, a friend informed me of a personal challenge he was trying -- he the only liquid he could consume for the month was water. Not only did his energy levels improve, but he dropped 25 pounds (3 months later) by simply cutting out juices, sodas & milk.

I was impressed, and it seemed like the ideal challenge for me--- two birds with one stone: weight loss & increased water consumption. But boyyyy its proving to be a challenge. I started out with 2 bottles a day ( 1.5 Litres) which is only one third of the minimum of the my daily consumption levels. It became easier to stomach the water, but the frequent washroom visits at work weren't cute. However, I've fallen off that horse since then (especially post-Caribana)....But I noticed a change as well. I actually crave water!

Stranger things have happened.

So my goal by the end of August is to get my 2.2 Litres in everyday. 

How do you get your daily intake? Crystal Light, a slice of lime, pinching your nose? What does the trick for you: all at once or Or do you truly enjoy water? Are you getting enough? Here is a  calculator & list of water's benefits .