another goal achieved! je suis tres heureuse =D!! with every accomplishment comes another challenge. I'm prepared & ready to fight-- because i was born to winWINwin. there are so many changes occuring in my life right now... & to even attempt to focus on everything all at once is overwhelming, mind-bending, crazy. So one at a time, yes?

--my hair (locs) can catch in one(comfortably)! so proud! Two weeks away from the 11 month mark, i had to suck my pride up last week and go have my hair retwisted professionally. I have no regrets though, my roots look lovely --- i detest the dryer though (two thumbs down). August 14 marks one year, how to celebrate??? Gotta make it there first... on to the next...

--the 5week excursion to Nouvelle-Ecosse was a test of character, patience, strength & sheer will-power. Bwoy, racism really throws me every time i encounter it... For example, me & my girl were grocery shopping (in a predominantly caucasian area) & we turned the corner, laughing and speaking French -- why did this caucasian female literally JUMP BACK  ?!?!LMAO. I was dyingggg... Clearly she was scared, i'm sure as to why, but we went about our business, after my friend physically restrained me from running back & screaminfg "ooga booga" at her. It was so tempting. Immature, but alluring nonetheless. But I'm amazed that someone could react that way to someone because of their skin tone. Hmm. I'm definitely blessed to be living in Toronto & I definitely appreciate it more, now I'm back. But wooyy. The grocery store incident was nothing. Because of my  BLACK SKIN (i'm lovvvvinnn it!) people were surprised if & when I responded to their questions in (sometimes) perfect french. Ha-- one female at my residence had the NERVE to ask (aloud) -- what EXOTIC countries speak French?? Why??-- IGNORANCE AT ITS BEST, YES? I got up and walked out of the room, because of her audacity -- what's more shocking --- that she was genuinely asking the question or that she that it was okay to utter those words in that order?? Let's disect that sentence, shall we?

'Exotic'-- dictionary.com defines the term as "foreign" or "strikingly unusual". Hmph. What is an exotic country? Her usage of the term implicated "tropical" countries aka warmer countries aka countries outside of North America & Europe. Okay. Moving on.

Her tone implied her shock & confusion: why does my animateur (residence advisor) speak perfect French... he's so Black...<<< I think that's what set me off. She directed her question at the only Black male (1/3 total on the campus) present. Really? Transliteraton: Why do you Africans speak French? How does that work?? HMPH. My animateur stood there looking at her for a hot minute -- the silence in room (with the exception of me crushing styrofoam between my clenched fist),and he responded. Martinique, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Senegal ,  Seychelles, Cote d'Ivoire. He did not respond to her underlying question, confusion.

I refuse to believe that at the age of 22 you do not know about world history & colonization-- ignornance is never cute. Willfull ignorance deserves no response whatsoever. I quietly got up & left the room. ohhhh---Nouvelle-Ecosse!

There are numerous negative & racist encounters I could describe, but it'd be a waste to focus on the negative, yes? I fought through it with the support of my girls on campus & we made. Got me an A- in that course & walked out with my head held HIGH. Qui est-tu? Exactement! on to the next....

My eagerness to be in Toronto after my little trip East was paramount. And then the G20 happened. And in my heart of hearts I'm hurting because of the violence caused by Canadian police (bullies-in-uniform)  --- dont ever forget that it Canadian police forces converged on Toronto to take advantage of the situation. Yes, security measures were needed (obviously) for the world leaders, we do have crazies out there. Fine. But 5000+ cops downtown in FULL RIOT gear???!? That shit was planned from the jump & the abuse of power that took place last weekend (ha) is the norm for these monsters (Jr. Manon). Bully brutality takes place everyday on our streets & no one pays attention to the cries from the many, the disenfranchised. Its taken this monumental tragedy to alert the public who do not live in "rough neighbourhoods" (reference to an ignornant comment made by a female who shall remain nameless) to see that these monsters constantly abuse their "powers". What are we doing about it? Can we do anything about this? Are these realistic or rhetorical questions? I do not have the answer. On July 3, 2010 there will be ANOTHER peaceful protest. The only thing holding me back is my mother's face if I came back with a busted face. Couldn't do that to her --is this my excuse not to fight for what's right? Perhaps. I don't know. Cant lie someone coming at me with a gun, baton & bad mind would freaks me (and any other human) out. War bruises are worth it if the cause is one. There will always be casualties. The question is are we ready? Am i ready? Do i  want to risk molestation and rape, to *hopefully* fix issues? While I believe in change, I also do not believe that the bullies will be let go & replaced. The government does not care enough (at all) to do something like that. But, a change, something small even, is welcomed. I welcome it. When the police are held accountable for their actions-ha!- not only by the public, but by the government, that'll be the day.

PS: i'm proud to say that i was born into a community that is a mixing pot & not a melting pot. happy Canada day.