2010 update

yes, yes its been so long.
but what was there to write about?? let's see:

February 2010: GREAT! found my second job & was hittin the gym (semi-hard). Writing opportunities mushroomed everywhere I turned, and then there was CARNIVAL (amazing).

March 2010: Fell off the proverbial horse. No gym. Severe writer's block (meaning the loss of great opportunities) & the onset of mental weakness (quit job #2). Not good atall atall. On the flip side I sent in my Carnival 2010, ('09 too) photos to model....LOL. Wasn't selected this year, but there's always next year. And the one after that too. Missing JA carnival broke my heart. It really did--so I put in double time to forget all bout it. Didn't work.

April 2010: Dream deferred is back on track =). School (ugh) starts in Septemeber, so its full steam ahead (literally). Between now & then the finances & a few other goals will be checked off. Yay. OHH OHH. Paid off TWO credit cards three weeks before the personal deadline. YES! Lookin forward to what May has to offer... Hopefully some inspiration for this blog... Its rellllll dry right now.....

                                                                   * * *

Have you kept up with your 2010 goals, are you struggling (like me)? My advice, take it all one second at a time, one minute, hour and then each day at a time. Sometimes the big picture can be incredibly overwhelming. Keep dangling that carrot at the end of the tunnel of struggle. You can achieve if you believe. I know I will. =)