Many songs irritate me to no end because of the amount of garbage spewed. Perfect example David Guetta ft. Akon "Sexy Bitch". I dont think I'd mind it so much if it were your typical ho,bitch,stripper track but the line that really irks me "im trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful"... Really?? I didnt know being a "sexy bitch" (although if you listen closely, it sounds like he's saying "fish". Go figure) classified as a respectful characteristic. UGH. How about beautiful, intelligent, focused, independent: why compare her to your "neighbourhood ho"?? Honestly. hm. Sex sells. Sure. And I'll bring your attention to NE-YO, whom I applaud for his most recent work The Year of the Gentleman. Its classy, its beautiful, and he manages to include adjectives such as "independent". Imagine that.

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its been a while....

the future knocks an im stuck doin midterms & scramblin for hours at work. fantastic. but im lookin forward to december when its all said an done... and then what? grad school? travel? work? volunteer? everything's in the air... everything's uncertain... its like im waitin for others (grad school acceptance, abroad internships) to determine my fate...is it inescapable?

as i sit here chattin with Tee. the memory of the spine, cherry juice and ring road drift through my tired mind. why am i here? why arent i there? too many whys, too few answers.

head's still up. still smilin. still dreamin.

*you had me at hello.... it was many years ago. when you... stole my cool.... (hello, beyonce)