'11 to date..

Although this has been the worst year of my life - between work, school, money, personal, everything - today I realized that I shouldn't completely write-off 2011 (as much as I would love to). Yes, everything happens for a reason. And maybe some of those things I will never understand. But, there has been some good, namely second chances & growth.

Who knew that I'd gain a closer bond with a sibling, or be writing for SwayMag, or find the courage to quit my horrible job?? 2011 has been a year of the unexpected. I failed, fell. Allowed foolishness, physical hardship & emotional distress/depression to take over my life. There were too many days where I didn't want to see the sun, breathe fresh air or even breathe at all.

But I'm still here.

Maybe I have a purpose. Others seem to think so. Many have so much faith in me. Its really overwhelming. I try to remember my family and ancestors in everything I try to accomplish. The opportunity I have. The second chances I've received.... Its amazing. I'm blessed.

And my being able to see the positive in my life at this point is proof of how much I've changed in the last year. I've become a better person. A more mature woman. Or rather, I've made that transition from "girl" to "woman". Now if only my wardrobe could catch up! lol

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