Good morning!
Today I do my vision board & hope my interviewees contact me *crosses fingers*. This blog will be about nada in particular, so that's your clue if you're looking for continuity/clarity/a theme.

I'm trying out this wordpress for bb app, & I kinda like it (yes, I'm late). So I blog anywhere now! Fewer excuses for me.

This week is going to be so hectic: between bootcamp, work, interviews, research & writing. At some point I should insert sweat-free fun, no?

Socacize is fun, but, maybe a night out or something. We'll see.

Yesterday was all about cleaning/organizing & limin with L. We actually talked about more than the norm & didnt fight. At all. I'm impressed.

Because I fell asleep in the middle of cleaning it continues today.... As soon as I'm done stretching.

Clean/Scrub, organize drawers, interviews, cook, write, exercise, read a chapter of 'Digging Deeper'. Oh. & wash my hair (-_-). *

I'm actually starting to think that washing weekly is a bit much for my hair.... A lie. My hair is thick & im feelin lazy. I always "feel lazy" when it comes to the wash. And then once I get into it I'm so happy doing it, tired arms and all....

What I do need to remember is to visit Fabricland this week to look at material costs. I want to make satin pillow cases & a lot of scarves/wraps for the upcoming winter season (winter=dry locs=crunchy hair=no bueno). note to self remember: ^all that ^.

Alright, time to read. I could go on forever about anything. Better I blog than chat/tweet someone's ear off.

*a facial would be nice. I'll do that on my 1hr break

** Need to revise my french so I'll be ready in January! «« Added to checklist

*** I must remember to include photos with each blog post

**** I did say I needed some spice in my life, right? Its in the universe, let's see what happens this week.

So much to do, so little time!


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