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Soooo. I've been toying with the idea of colouring my hair for a while now. A few really purple locs would be really pretty. Just like Me-Anie's  BUT I a) refuse to bleach my hair (I'm terrified they'll die) & b) I'm terrified they'll die. Point blank period.

Yes, I'm a dye-virgin.

But my hair needs change. Between my semi-freeforming and tentative experimentation with various styles I need to add a little spice to my life. I thought that might be a new piercing. It usually is. But my nose is the only thing I really want done and I'm still 50/50 on that one (it'd be a hoop, never a stud).

If I do colour my hair (not all of it, just some), red is not an option simply because of how much it bleeds = more maintenance, retouching & etc. I'm into low maintenance: weekly washes, deep conditioning, get-up-and-go are all right up my alley.

I like the idea of natural highlights, but I've never been a fan of browns on me. And that's so ordinary. ugh.

I'm really leaning towards a few randomly selected purple locs. Or lightening my whole head naturally (honey, cinnamon...). It's basically winter here (I'm exaggerating, but its October in Toronto --my hair is going into hiberation soon). So lemon wouldn't work for me.

I'm actually going through a few YT videos looking for ideas & recommended dyes. Last year this time, I was looking into henna treatments. I chickened out last minute because I was too afraid of the possibility of my leaving with a new hair colour (even though it takes multiple sessions for jet black hair to be tinted). I know. Lame.

Maybe I'll just hit up Kensington tomorrow & pick up some loc jewelry. Hmmm.

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