the last post wasn't reall a post. imagine that.
school has me running all over the city.
& i love it.
it's hard work, but it's to be expected if i plan to achieve my career goals.
what's new with me?
15 days, 2 exams and 5 major assignments away from completing my first semester !!!!
i am very excited about this. i was so terrified when the semester started....
* dont ever doubt yourself ---> it's a waste of time, like stress *

loc update: they're growing! & they're getting soo thick! je les aime! (oui, je suis practiquer ma francais en classe). but with my fluctuating water intake (it's always a battle) & winter (c'est arrive) they are drying out ... & it scares me.

so, i've been looking for chemical-free leave-ins/mists, conditioners... and i've come up with nothing. most, if not all of the products have some paraben, sulfate or filler. i've been looking since october...  & it's december now. not a good look.

my only alternative is to create my own BUT the last time i did that my hair felt so greasy & gross... trial & error i suppose. if anyone has suggestions for natural conditioners, leave-ins, mists or homemade recipes for the aforementioned, *** for LOCS *** please share ...the best information usually comes by word of mouth.

another update: i will be doing my FIRST ever henna deep conditioning treatment courtesy of iHeartMyHair.com. Anya's post on the benefits of this 100% natural conditioning treatment motivated me into trying it.... despite the fact that my hair wont be jet black any more (i'm opposed to dying my hair. ever.). our two-month conversation via facebook, her website and then e-mails + my own research led me to believe that this is a great option for me & my hair at this point. so i'm taking the plunge in exactly 2 weeks! i'm very excited and nervous. but i'll definitely post the before & afters up here.

what else???

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