loc'd blogger meet-up !

i met Ms Nubian Soul Locks recently (well, if October is recent) at bootcamp !!! I was so excited. She's very down-to-earth & straight-forward in person. Very friendly. And definitely a locspiration for me.

A friend told me about the blog when i first started my loc journey & had a million and ten questions (you know, where you ask about EVERY detail because you want each loc to be perfect...only to discover that the more you interfere &/or mind them, the more likely they wont be "perfect" & your overscrutinization/stressing/constant worrying will not only (possibly) ruin them but will also taint the day-to-day experience. live & learn).

Visit her blog for info about her loc journey-- you'll find her trial & error with methods & products informative & encouraging. I like the blog a lot because it is not oversaturated with filler (i.e. the parabens you may find in conditioners, shampoos, lotions & etc.).

She posts when she has something to say. And it's always straight to the point.

Quality over quanity dat mi seh!

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