locversary!! ♥

Day 0||2009
Its been one year & my locs filled out nicely!! I'm so happy that I've kept my second set & although they aren't "perfect", I've grown to love each and every one of them just the way they are: bumpy, lumpy, kinda thick, short, long, in between & blackBLACKblack.

** i love them **

There's nothing I would change about my journey to date-- I've learned soo much. What my hair likes, dislikes & abhors. Learning how  & when to retwist my roots, being introduced into the wonderful loc community on YouTube & Facebook has been an incredible experiences. Blogs, vlogs & more blogs gave me insight into various products.

My favourite site for support, especially when I was feeling weak was & is On the Road to Queendom with Writing Addict aka Toshia Shaw.  The blog is a site of strength for sistas growing locs, learning about locs& a great forum for sharing stories & info about locs. Very inspirational, realistic & comforting.

Day 365||2010
My YouTube channel addictions include BronzeGoddess01 & Chescalocs --- they're unlimited creativity usually runs into two or three different styles per video. All salon-free!

The greatest lessons to date I've learned over the past 365 days are: patience & confidence. Being natural few years prior to starting my locs, I was no longer self-conscious about how others would & do perceive my hair. Its so ridiculous to worry about what others think -- as long as you are confident  & comfortable in who you are, what you are doing & how you look, why bother with anyone else?? I've gone through the so-called "ugly-phase" (let's call it the learning curve) where some of the locs start to fill out, but other arent, while some resemble mini anacondas after a large meal...I've learned to deal with all of that. I've learned that my hair wont look exactly like i.e. Fay-Ann Lyons' or Goapele's. They will look like my own. And I can embrace this now. With lots of TLC they will grow healthy & strong -- what more could I want??

Patience. There were days when I felt like yanking each loc in the hopes of speeding up the growth process. Other days i just wanted to hide my head---nothing I seemed to do would work. But I got through it & I will get through it again. The waiting game is a little easier now with some length, strength  & flexibility... And now I'm styling too =)! Very exciting.

I'm definitely looking forward to what the next 365 days have in store for me & my locs.

PS: Yes, it is "just hair", but in its natural state it is an extension of the expression of myself & therefore deserves to be celebrated as an evolving part of my being ♥.

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