Agua, L'eau, WATA!

If I manage to tackle even one of my personal mountains of fear in 2010 I'll be elated. Water.  Dreaded enemy, yet great for my skin, hair & insides. 0 calories, no sugar (that's a con) & its refreshing *side eye*.. And yet. Its gross. Its unappealing. Add a little lime & I could drink it by the gallon (its also a great cleanse, but the acidity is bad for tooth enamel).

Mind over matter.

In June, a friend informed me of a personal challenge he was trying -- he the only liquid he could consume for the month was water. Not only did his energy levels improve, but he dropped 25 pounds (3 months later) by simply cutting out juices, sodas & milk.

I was impressed, and it seemed like the ideal challenge for me--- two birds with one stone: weight loss & increased water consumption. But boyyyy its proving to be a challenge. I started out with 2 bottles a day ( 1.5 Litres) which is only one third of the minimum of the my daily consumption levels. It became easier to stomach the water, but the frequent washroom visits at work weren't cute. However, I've fallen off that horse since then (especially post-Caribana)....But I noticed a change as well. I actually crave water!

Stranger things have happened.

So my goal by the end of August is to get my 2.2 Litres in everyday. 

How do you get your daily intake? Crystal Light, a slice of lime, pinching your nose? What does the trick for you: all at once or Or do you truly enjoy water? Are you getting enough? Here is a  calculator & list of water's benefits .

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