just a thought

*from Jan 12, 2010*

Mmmm... That smells so goood! If only I could get just.. one... fry. Mind you, I'm jus comin outta the gym prep.. All the sweat an pain in exchange for a few fries?? Temptation at its best. Looking up to find the source of the greasy scent, I see a young man, with not so fabulous skin chomping down on small handfuls of fried potato at a time. Not so appetizing anymore. And then he gets up- its his stop. Lo & behold the oxymoron of the day: a small gym bag. Hmmmmmmm. Hands slippery with grease and possibly ketchup, he swings the blue duffel around to his left hip and steps off the bus. Wendy's lingers, but my appetite is long gone.

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