2010's Goals

I've made many resolutions for this year: it felt to accomplish a few of the ones I set out last year so why not try it again? A major part of my resolution is to do it myself. I'm not one of those girls that can do her eyebrows, make-up & hair like its nothing. I struggle. Seriously, lol. Soo. Working out my monthly budget, I discovered (well not really) that I spend a ton on things that could be done at home. Plus, why depend on someone else (a major pet peeve) when you can do it yourself, right? So, I'll post my progress roughly every 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks of 2010 have been great goal wise, but I'm already starting to slack (gym-life is HARD). Sharing my goals should help me stay on track & force me to be accountable, right? Right. My goals were inspired by me (duh) but the public announcement inspiration came from none-other than Those Girls' "Journey To".... Surprised? You shouldn't be.

Now: here's a list of goals/things I need to accomplish in 2010:

- Do It Myself (aka the DIM Imperative): Hair! My locs are growing a little faster than I expected... & as much as I love the spa-like feeling of getting my hair done, there are 10 idle fingers that could be washing & retwisting my own strands. Hmph.

- 200 posts on my blog =): that means actively searching for new & interesting things to post. I'd like to take pride in this blog at some point. The layout is also a hot mess.. I haven't done the html thing since myblackplanet& Tdot Wire days.... Definitely need a refresher course on what's been happening since the advent of facebook.com removed the need to make everything purple *teehee: i wont do that here*.

- {Personal}To be more open: not a loud mouth spewing my business everywhere, but more perceptive, not necessarily trusting..oo oo. Singing lessons.... Gotta do that too.

- Career movement: Gotta get my name out there! (Un)paid internships, blog entries, freelancing for magazines/newspapers/online publications is a great way to start...Now to find the publications that will grant the opportunity to an(in)experienced... Hmm. Oh (next point)!!

- Networking: It is essential to my growth as a journalist -- being semi-antisocial doesnt really work. Eee. Keys to success in this area: suck it up, smile & say hi. Establish a portfolio/ready source of work to support myself as a writer. A simple business card can go a long way too....Establish & maintain contacts. That works.

- Lose the extra 12-15 pounds: returning from JA meant returning to overly processed foods... While I stay away from sodas & fast foods, there are still too many preservatives in the food I consume.... *Healthy ways to achieve this goal: going Vegan? Make my food?
----> I'm already doing Socacize classes (intense!) to tone.
----> Joined an affordable gym, decked out with "free" personal trainers, a great range of hours, 2 pools & an indoor track. Now all I have to do is go.
----> Exercising regularily will help me achieve the goal of modelling for Caribana (yes, I'm doin it up for 2010!)... I'll definitely post those photos =D.

- Debt-Free Me: debt's not cute. Acquiring a full-time position, accounting for every penny I spend will help tremendously AND saving from each pay cheque will do the trick.

C'est What?: I will (re-)learn French & be functionally bilingual by Dec 31, 2010. Armed with my *new* French-English dictionary, I'm currently searching for an affordable class before entering a 5-week French immersion program later this year...

Soo... I'm off to a great start. And things can only get better - I'm the ONLY thing standing in the way. *cheesing real hard right now,lol*. Yay. Gotta get ready to Socacize .

Bye bye!

PS: This blog is under continued construction until I find/create a layout that feels... just right.

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