Sapphire's Push

It arrived on Friday... and I was surprised something so celebrated could be under two hundred pages... I can definitely appreciate "don't judge a book by its cover" a little more now...

Push by Sapphire is powerful, passionate, raw. It was hard for me to digest some of it... but I managed to finish it yesterday....

The novel definitely made me stop short & think about all of things I take for granted... and things that do occur all the time. Sapphire put me in a position to feel completely helpless to help Precious.... She also gives you a front row seat to all of the horror and depravity Precious is subject to for sixteen years of her life....

It speaks to the strength of women.. in all situations. Although I don't believe all females would be able to live through what the novel describes, I believe the choice to survive and the will to leave it all behind is present within all of us. Precious just needed a little push. Don't we all?
Whether the novel is based on a true story, or not, its realist approach to and exploration of violence, sexuality, familial ties, and abuse, encourage provacative thought... And it will definitely foster deep conversations.

On November 22/09 What Women Want presents Literary Journey, granting an open forum for women in Toronto to get together and openly discuss the novel over dinner surrounded by friends and (possibly) like-minded individuals. It’s a little pricey for my recession/student budget but, their events are always worth the time & funds invested & the discussion at the event would definitely be of interest to anyone who's read Push. Check it out.

This week I see the movie. Let's see what's been edited out and what the producers decided to keep in.

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  1. heard about it, now you have me wanting to see the movie even more, you can mail the book to if you can would love that as a christmas present. wonderful job a/c keep inspiring me and others