Secrets of a Black Boy: I

I'm not going to spoil the play for you... A detailed synopsis to come soon enough.

Ok... So I had great seats, a great vibe from the stage and the audience most times (some people are really dense)... I think. Hm. Its hard. I think you'll enjoy it: I took Secrets to be an eye-opener for the clueless females livin in this world.. A lot of very strong points about what is wrong with our community.. A lot of issues, a lot of solutions. It gets your mind goin, especially if you aren't familiar with other's struggles... I definitely enjoyed how it managed to discuss immediate issues while flavourin it with tasteful humour *lol @ Biscuit*.

The play also left me wanting more... because it represents current issues within the city and the Black community... it left me wondering if I can make a change.. if so how & where to start?? Secrets is definitely provactive.


www.secretsofablackboy.com--> if you haven't heard of Darren Anthony's play SECRETS OF A BLACK BOY, then you're already behind.. Watch the play, take it in- REALLY take it in- and enjoy the company of the Black community around you <--

Did you see it? How did it make you feel?? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on Darren Anthony's work.

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