Follow these..

mmm.. I havent quite figured out how everything works on here... But here are just a few blogs/websites I "follow" from time to time:

- I've been "following" Ms. Boodram's progress from the time I was 15/16 years old... She's had various websites since then, but has managed to use her creative abilities and gifts (amazing photographer>> www.ShannonTeresa.com/photography), to progress towards accomplishing many goals in her life.. and what I would call a measure of success. To date she's published her first BOOK ( www.LAIDTHEBOOK.com) & from what I can see is just beginning to show the world what she's about.


- Recently given the "2009 Best International Blog" by the Black Weblog, this a fascinating & detailed look at the Black diaspora; success, achievements, progress. Peep that.


- While studying at the University of the West Indies, I had the honour of meeting Dr. Sultana Afroz, an outspoken, vibrant and intelligent Professor who teaches many history courses on the campus. Originally from Afghanistan, she obtained her undergraduate, masters and PH. D in the United States before migrating to Jamaica where she currently resides. Dr. Afroz is known for her firey lectures and straight-forward approach to many controversial topics including the War in Iraq, the status of women within the Middle East, and inconsitencies with Islam as delivered by the Prophet Muhammad & what is commonly practiced today. I can honestly say, Dr. Afroz made me more aware of what is happening around me and within other communities that I, frankly, could not understand despite research, conversations and further reading. Her blog is a continuation of her lectures and thoughts. A wealth of information is here for all those who will read, research and understand. Definitely an eye-opener.


Those are all of the blogs I follow.... For now... All of these females inspire me in similar ways: they are all ambitious, courageous, and outstanding members of their communities and the online community.